Hotspot Shield Crack Elite 12.1.2 Full + License Key (*)

By | December 11, 2020

Hotspot Shield Crack + License Key [Latest]

Hotspot Shield Crack Elite 10.11.3 Full + License Key (*)


Hotspot Shield Crack is a VPN based software that acts as a shield against network and Internet surveillance. It has robust encryption technology (SSL) that allows it to secure web sessions, personal information, and data transfers. The application hides your IP address and arranges for you to remain protected as you travel to different WiFi locations to ensure complete anonymity.

It sets the ground for a stress-free anonymous browsing experience. Its robust algorithm makes it virtually impossible for anyone to trace you. Moreover, anyone can use it since you mostly need to press a button to connect.

Hotspot Shield Crack Or hotspot shield elite crack

With over 500 million downloads, Hotspot Shield is the world’s most popular Virtual Private Network (VPN) desktop app. It allows you to access blocked websites and services online, secures your browsing session, protects you from hackers and WiFi snoopers on public WiFi networks, makes you anonymous and untraceable on the Web, and detects and blocks malicious websites.

Hotspot Shield Crack Elite 10.11.3 Full + License Key (*)

One of the “world’s fastest VPN,” as verified by Ookla’s Speedtest. By connecting to one of 3,200+ VPN servers in 80+ countries — including 35+ cities worldwide — your internet traffic is encrypted. It ensures you can browse the Web securely and privately, keeping your sensitive data protected.

VPN technology enables you to send encrypted data over previously unencrypted networks. Besides providing you with private and secure Web browsing, VPNs such as HotSpot Shield VPN provide many other essential benefits. Compared to a web proxy, VPN also offers much better security and privacy online.

Key Features Of Hotspot Shield Crack with License Key

Gives you full access to online content

Hotspot Shield is a reliable choice if you wish to remain anonymous during your online sessions. Your details are invisible to third party ISPs (Internet service providers). Plus, websites and all transactions are secured through HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) encryption. With it, you can access web content without censorship, and all of your video or voice chats are protected.

The installation procedure is relatively straightforward, and Hotspot Shield remains very friendly with computer resources all the time, which means you should be able to run it on older machines as well.

Configure connections and protection level

After years of lacking a desktop GUI, Hotspot Shield now comes with an interface; from here, users now have a more explicit option to connect or disconnect the VPN service. The Settings window allows you to configure the level of protection for the Network Detection feature: you can set it to warn you each time your computer connects to new networks, to auto-connect to unknown networks, or to turn off both of these options.

Access everything

The VPN service provided by Hotspot Shield has extensive coverage that offers servers in 20 countries, including Japan, Britain, America, and China. The service provides fast and stable network connections while using the VPN. It enables you to access geo-locked content such as YouTube videos or other websites.

Privacy ensured

Your online privacy is protected on multiple fronts. Hotspot Shield hides your IP address, location, and digital identity from any online trackers that try to access this information that is usually unprotected.

No logs

Hotspot Shield Free does not keep logs of the websites you visited or which applications you used while the VPN service was active. Your security and privacy will always remain secure.

Malware protection

hotspot shield premium crack allows Hotspot Shield free to wipe out any malicious applications and code that you encounter. The app scans your device and displays results in an easily read summary. Safety is one click away after that.

Basic is free

The essential services of Hotspot Shield will always be free but contain a few advertisements. You can unblock and access all US content without paying or access the full range of servers and protection by upgrading to the Elite version.

Unblock websites

Unblock YouTube, unblock Facebook, unblock Twitter or sites at school, the library, or your office with this great free VPN. You can bypass filters and firewalls set by your network administrator to gain access to your favorite content.

Anonymous surfing

Because of privacy and security concerns, you may want to browse the Web anonymously. Hot Spot Shield Software creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and servers to let you conduct your online activities (visit the websites you want, make online transactions, download files) anonymously, without being tracked and spied upon.

Hide your IP address

The Internet is infested with spammers, snoopers, and hackers. They silently monitor your online activities and steal your sensitive data like credit card information and passwords when you least expect it. If you connect with the app-enabled, you get a new US IP address to mask your actual IP address and surf the Internet anonymously.

Other Features

  • Secure your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption.
  • Protect yourself from identity theft online.
  • Hide your IP address for your privacy online.
  • Access all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls.
  • Protect yourself from snoopers at WiFi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices.
  • Works on wireless and wired connections alike. It Provides Unlimited Bandwidth.

What’s New?

  • New and improved UI
  • In-app sign-in – sign in to your Elite account quickly from within the app—no longer required to sign in via browser
  • One button to connect and disconnect – Toggle the same button on the app’s home screen to turn Hotspot Shield on and off
  • No more Protection modes (Full, Smart, Selected) – staying protected is more straightforward with the new Auto-On feature for Networks and Sites.
  • Auto-on for Networks – automatically connects Hotspot Shield based on the connected network type (unsafe, safe, other)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Kill Switch

How to Crack?

  • First, download the Hotspot Shield Crack from the link.
  • Next, Unzip & then install.
  • After, Install the file in free space.
  • Download the key.
  • Turn off your Internet while placing the activation key.
  • Finally, your application is ready to use.
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