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By | December 11, 2020

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IObit Smart Defrag Pro


IObit Smart Defrag Pro is a powerful defragmenting tool that aims to organize your files and folders in such a manner that your computer’s performance improves. It delivers excellent results when it comes to disk defragmentation. It uses an average amount of CPU and RAM, and it’s intuitive enough to be handled not only by experienced users but also by beginners.

The app has a simple interface & a clean layout, making it easy to handle. In the mainframe, you can view a list of all drives that the program can work on and various details regarding them, such as the status, free and total size, file system, automatic defrag, and boot-time defrag status. Additional files & folders can be added to the list with great ease.

There are three different ways that the software can perform the defragmentation: “Defrag Only,” “Defrag & Fast Optimize,” or “Defrag and Fully Optimize.” The app can shut down the computer once the task is finished. Alternatively, it’ll send the system to sleep or into hibernate mode.

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Key

There is also an extra feature that enables you to turn on automatic defragmentation. IObit Smart Defrag Pro can be launched once a volume has been idle for more than several minutes, & it pauses whenever resource usage exceeds a specific value.

IObit Smart Defrag Pro

Full reports may be created for all operations & viewed through the dedicated tab window. It doesn’t need to be installed on the computer to work and can be launched from any removable devices, such as flash drives.

It is an excellent tool that is sure to come in handy whenever you want to defragment volumes. The intuitive interface makes the program easy to figure out even by the less experienced users.

Key Features Of IObit Smart Defrag Pro Full Crack + Key

Pleasant & clear-cut GUI

The user-interface is sophisticated & easy to navigate, permitting any user to quickly get familiarized with Smart Defrag, even those less experienced.

Users can view all drives ready for analysis and defragmentation in the main app window, together with a bit of information on them, like the free and total size. Furthermore, users can add a specific file or folder and defrag video games and Windows 8 apps.

Different defrag methods & reports.

Many defrag modes are available: defrag only, defrag & fast optimize, defrag and full optimize, or defrag & prioritize files. What’s more, Smart Defrag carries automatic, boot time, & scheduled defrag jobs. Plus, you can enable the computer to hibernate, shut down, sleep, or reboot once Smart Defrag finishes a task.

Automatic Defrag is a defragmenting method initiated once a volume has been idle for more than several minutes. It pauses whenever resource usage surpasses a certain number (these numbers can be set in the “Settings” menu).

Boot Time Defrag plays a defragmenting task on files that can’t be safely moved while Windows is running. Users can also schedule defrags if they don’t want to interfere. Furthermore, users can create an exclusion list for files and folders they do not want to analyze or defragment.

Results can be viewed in Report – before & after fragmentation rate, a summary on total file & directories (plus defragmented ones), and elapsed time.

Higher File Access Speed

Disk fragmentation is usually the main cause of slow & unstable computer performance. Smart Defrag presents efficient defragmentation technology to hard drives and SSD by multi-threading defragging. While consolidating free space and large files defragging to accelerate the hard drive for faster data access and outstanding disk performance.

Up to 100% Faster PC Startup

Specific boot files in the PC disk aren’t allowed to be moved safely while Windows is running, which causes a slower & slower system startup. The Boot-time Defrag feature of Smart Defrag will easily do this job for you; it can safely defrag HDD files.

Safe & Automatic Disk Defrag

It presents disk defragmentation as any other software does and optimizes it by intelligently streamlining your files based on using frequency. With IObit latest disk defrag engine, it is just as safe for your files as using Windows. And you need to install & forget it. Smart Defrag 5 will automatically work for you with no data lost.

Other Features

  • Exceptionally Efficient Defragmentation: It has the world’s fastest defragmenting engine. It’s been handy for modern, large HDDs, so it eliminates long waiting times.
  • Optimize Disk Performance – it doesn’t just use simple defragmentation. It also streamlines the file system, places the frequently used files & directories into the fastest area of the disk, enabling your PC to run at top speed with the most stability.
  • Also, Always-on to Work Automatically – It can be set to work automatically & quietly in the background, so it continually and always keeps your computer fragment-free.
  • Extremely Easy to Use – Its intuitive UI makes Smart Defrag the ideal utility for a complete computer novice.
  • Also, Data Safe and Reliability Guaranteed – Besides, unlike other “Automated” Defragmenters, Smart Defrag does NOT always perform analysis and defrag, which does damage your hard drive and shorten its life. Smart Defrag has a “Safe Intelligence” technology that can assure your disk’s health by deciding When and How to execute defragmentation.

What’s New?

  • Better adaptability with the latest version of Windows 10
  • Optimized UI of Action Center
  • Fix known issues
  • Also, optimized installation logic to make installation easier and smoother
  • Improved Silent Mode for better user experience
  • Updated Slovenian
  • Enhanced Disk Cleanup to free up more disk space.
  • Updated Hungarian & Malay

System Requirements

  • CPU: 1.6 GHz processor or faster processor
  • RAM: 1024 MB of RAM
  • HDD Space: 30 MB of free hard disk space

How to Crack?

  • First, download the IObit Smart Defrag Pro from the link.
  • Next, Unzip & then install.
  • After, Install the file in free space.
  • Download the key.
  • Turn off your internet while placing the activation key.
  • Finally, your application is ready to use.
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